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    Apple's services generate higher revenue than beforeApple's latest revenue report reveals what we've been expecting: iPhone sales fell in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This is most likely due to the impact of the coronavirus. In general, however, Apple's sales figures are still good, and that was due to a relatively high turnover of iphone herstellen gent services.Apple's service category consists of several products, including Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV Plus. Last year, this department generated 11.4 billion dollars in sales, but this year it generated 13.3 billion dollars. Sales of wearables and home entertainment products are also more popular than before. From $5.1 billion in Q1 2019, sales in Q1 2020 amount to $6.2 billion.iPhones sales fell from $31 billion in Q1 2019 to $28.9 billion in Q1 2020.During the first-quarter earnings call, CEO Tim Cook reported how the spread of the coronavirus in February caused several Apple stores to close. The virus also reduced demand for iPhones. Expectations for sales for the quarter were also withdrawn at that time.Featured videos for youvideo gameIPhone XS vs XS Max vs XR: What's the difference between Apple's new iPhones?IPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus comparison: How will...11/09/17IPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus comparison: How will Apple's new iPhones compare?OnePlus 8 Pro Review and how the new...19/04/20OnePlus 8 Pro Review and how the new iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone ever | TechRadar TalksApple's "iPhone 9" is actually the new iPhone...16/04/20Apple's 'iPhone 9' is actually the new iPhone SE 2 | Everything you need to knowAre Apple Making A Foldable iPhone?25/12/19Are Apple Making A Foldable iPhone?Apple iPhone 6S - How to use 3D Touch24/09/15Apple iPhone 6S - How to use 3D TouchThe downward trend continued in March, and lockdowns of stores and countries around the world certainly contributed to this, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said during the call.Cook was also hopeful for the iPhone SE 2020. The first truly affordable iphone herstellen gent since 2016 could just be the sales hit of 2020.Best iPhones of the momentiPhone SE 2020 reviewWWDC 2020: all about the online-only eventWhat's in store for Apple in 2020?Apple's production may have been less affected by the coronavirus than feared, as sales at the end of March seemed to be back to normal, Cook reported. Although some Apple stores in China reopened towards the end of March, retail locations in the United States will remain closed for a while.The big question remains, of course, whether demand for iPhones will (completely) recover. According to Cook, demand for iPhones picked up in the last two weeks of April compared to the first two weeks.As with the last quarter, Apple refrains from making any predictions for the third quarter of 2020. However, Maestri said during the call, he dared to give a broad estimate that iPhone and wearable sales will decline, while iPad and Mac sales should improve.It's not too far-fetched to expect Apple's services to rake in more and more money. Indeed, by the end of Q1 2020, there were more than 515 million paid subscriptions in the portfolio.iPad Pro 2020: Our hands-on with the best iPad to date

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